Bijoux made in Italy dal 1948

annaBIBLÒ Bijoux Made in Italy dal 1948

About us

BIBLO° LLC is a company founded by the Campari family in 1997, following the acquisition of BEYO, a Made in Italy fashion jewelry company, operating on the market since 1948.

In the beginning, the company launched ANNA BIBLÒ, a custom jewelry line combining the long tradition of Made in Italy fashion jewelry by Beyo, with the unique creativity and passion of Biblo’s founder Anna Maria Ferrari Tanca.

The laboratory in Milan is the production center where detailed artisanship and materials of the highest quality are combined. ANNA BIBLÒ is specialized in the use of light alloy casting base metals and a variety of precious materials such as crystal, zircons, glass, natural stones, enamel, resin, and plexiglass.

Both the choice of the material and the handcrafting style are based on ongoing worldwide research and inspiration drawn from the colors and atmospheres of different locations. Every creation represents the memory of a magical moment.

Launched every six months, ANNA BIBLÒ’s collections are dedicated to those women who are eager to express their personality through fashionable accessories.

10 Buoni propositi... a history of success

It’s January 1st, 2014.

A group of friends is meeting for their traditional New Year’s Day get-together. How many of last year’s resolutions have been accomplished? Not many at all! No surprise there. If only there were a way to remember your resolutions every day?

Federica Campari presents the solutions and gives birth to 10 Buoni propositi (10 Good Resolutions): a unique collection of ten stainless steel bracelets that will help you stay on track with your goals.

The bracelet is made up of a series of spheres mounted on an elastic band of the highest quality (17cm long) from which hang a larger medal (diameter 22mm) on which is engraved the good intention and a smaller (diameter 12mm) with the icon that represents it. On the back of the larger medal is engraved the logo of ANNA BIBLÒ.

This brand new creation takes the market by storm thanks to its unique way of turning obligations into pleasures, bits of advice into intentions, suggestions into conquests, and ultimately thoughts into Good Resolutions.

Every item belonging to the 10 Good Resolution collection is designed and manufactured in Milan (Italy) following the long-lasting and highly regarded tradition of the MADE IN ITALY artisanship.

In just a few months, the 10 Good Resolutions collection has become the number one sold accessory on the Italian jewelry market, with more than 400.000 bracelets sold in more than 800 stores.

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